Trippin’ in Europe, a short summary

30 days, 11560 km and 22 countries. It’s safe to say that it’s almost impossible to write a short summary like this but here it comes.

Fell in love with:

San Sebastian. I can’t explain it.

Had the best days in:


Most breathtaking:

Standing by a canyon in Montenegro.

Most excited about:

Cinque Terre and Vernazza.

Most disappointing:


Totally surprised by:


Too little time in:

Nice, as we only stayed for 2 hours.


2 nights in Slovakia. Barbra returned me a favor, as I let her sleep on my couch 2013.

Sleeping in the car:

6 nights, in France, Croatia and Italy.

Strangest sleeping arrangement:

4 people in one bed in Barcelona. I’d say I had better sleep in the car than being squeezed between all these people.

Country we didn’t expect to visit:

San Marino. Noticed it on our way to Venice, so had to drive up there, just because.

Most played:

Me Rehúso.

Most crazy:

My name is Jeff.

Most annoying:

Tolls. I’d rather buy vignettes.

Most anxious:

When entering Montenegro without internet, map and it went pitch black.

Got tired of:

Churches, ”touristic” places and crowded beaches.

Worst feeling:

When we found the car with a flat tyre in Mont Saint Michel.

Strangest feeling:

Feeling homesick. What’s that?

Most expensive for shit:

Taxi to Rovinj and internet in Montenegro. And also paying for Ding Dong Putxet in Barcelona when we hardly visited the hostel.

Most ”tourist go home”:

Tourists in Pisa doing the same pose in front of the tower. Omg try something new will ya. Go home.

Places I want to see more of:

This one is a little bit tricky, because I want to see more in almost every country. But places I really want to visit again are San Sebastian, Nice, Montenegro (I know it’s a whole country), Cinque Terre, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice, Budapest.

Som New experiences:

Driving in countries that’s not Sweden or Finland. I think I drove in France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Traveling for 30 days (+2)

Visiting a strip club.

Sleeping in a car. And I don’t mean napping.

Been offered money for sex.

Been screamed and shouted at in spanish to leave the country, just for being a tourist (Barcelona).

No airconditioner or fan in the car in 42 degrees. Awesome.

New languages from day to day, really confusing.

Flat tyre. Never happened before I think.

First ”speeding ticket”, ever. 110 on a 70 road? Maybe?




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