I peeped you from across the room, pretty little body, dancing like GoGo, ey.

Oh Prague, I just cant behave when im with you. We couldn’t resist to have our last night out in this amazing city of sins. After a really nice bottle of wine from Croatia we got a taxi down to old town. Went to a bar and had one beer before we walked to Muzeum, looking for something stupid to do. We passed a strip club, and I had the brilliant idea to pay it a visit. After expensive beer and a lot of asses in my face I had enough and wanted to go to Roxy instead. This night out was almost identical with another night in Prague a couple of years ago. Same club. Dancing for hours. And then, one friend missing. At 3 am I went out in the rain looking for N. all gone. I was sitting on the curb when a nice guy from Norway joined me, talked some kind of swedish-norwegian and gave me some crisps and comfort. I called a few friends whining about how lost I was. I finally reached N after a hour, but at that time I had no idea where I was so I couldn’t go back to him. And after what didn’t feel like two hours in the rain the Norwegian and I took a taxi. I had no money, but N payed when I arrived back to our apartment. That nice guy, he jumped off at his place.

Actually I met one not so nice guy while standing outside the club, who wanted to pay me 1000 czkr. Disgusting.

So I survived another night in Prague, lost of course, but I always end up with nice guys somehow.



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