Day 27 – Slovakia to Vienna to Prague

Not much to say about this one, but we were in three countries in one day, that sure is crazy. From Slovakia we drove to Vienna in Austria. It was a lovely traffic jam when we tried to get close to center of course. So we found a parking garage this time with a tivoli behind it. I was so close to just skip the city-tour and go straight for the crazy rollercoaster instead, but I had an empty stomach and too much of guarana and stuff inside of me at that time. So we went down town, searching for a place to eat and also see two churches of many. Sent a picture of one of them to a friend, with the text ”Another freaking church”. Because that’s a little bit how it feels right now. Going to all these citys, and they are pretty much the same with a ”spectacular” church and some souvenir shops and some expensive restaurants. Actually found cheeper thai food or something before we went back to the car. Had som problems to get the parking payed, the machine rejected our credit card and then blocked the ticket after a couple of tries. Yeah. Nice one. Got some help from a man, and we finally got the parking payed. The road to Prague felt boring after that. 4 long hours. I still wanted to stay by the amusement park instead. But yes, I love Prague, so I booked two nights to be sure that we will have time to see it and also feel it. Because I need to feel something else at this point. I’m starting to feel depressed about going home actually, even though I miss some things back there. But it feels sort of empty, going home with all these memories and knowing I won’t be leaving for new adventures for a while. And this year will be a tough one, in more ways than one. So no, I don’t want to go home. Can I please stay in Prague?



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