Day 25 – Siófok, Budapest (Hungary) and Nevidzany (Slovakia)

So yesterday we did a little bit too much, but still, we had a great day with not too much stress. It was cold in the morning in Siófok so we decided not to take a morning swim, instead we just went straight to Budapest.

We parked the car too far from the center, and walked towards what we thought was the center, for what felt like hours. But we got to see a lot on the walk down. Budapest is beautiful! I really enjoyed my time in Budapest, we were there for a few hours, walking, and had some excellent lunch for 10 euros, with two dishes.


Budapest was even better than I expected. Of course too little time to do it properly, but enough to see the most important stuff. After Budapest we drove straight to Slovakia and strange roads to Nevidzany, a small small village in the middle of nowhere. Once I had a couch surfer from Slovakia at my place, and now, I wanted to meet her again in her country. So I practically invited myself. We came to Nevidzany maybe at 8 pm, it took about 4 hours to drive from Budapest. We got some dinner, and drank some good wine, had a really good time talking and laughing about everything and nothing, before going to sleep.



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