Day 24 – Leaving the coast for Hungary

Woke up hoping that the storm was over, but no, of course not. Left Seline feeling a bit sad, because we wanted to go to the beach before leaving Croatia. Well, we drove along the coast to Karlobag, and then up in the mountains and through Zagreb. Literally through Zagreb as we got on the wrong highway as usual. Finally crossing the border to Hungary, showed our passports and then off searching for a gas station. We couldn’t get the e-vignette online, so we got a little bit worried when the gas station didn’t show up right after the border as we thought, because that’s how it was in Slovenia. When we finally got to the nearest gas station it felt like we payed a lot, 1 euro is 303 HUF, so we payed over 20 000 i think. But gas is cheap here, around 1,12 euro/l.

Tonight we are sleeping in Siófok, a town by lake Balaton, the biggest lake in southern Europe. Hope to see the lake tomorrow and maybe swim a little before going to Budapest! I’m a little bit excited about Budapest, wanted to see that city for quite some time actually, but never got there on a weekend trip. So this is perfect, on our way to Slovakia!



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