Day 23 – Back in Croatia

Woke up on a parking lot, of something wet that hit my face. It was raining obviously. Closed the windows and slept another 1-2 hours. After expensive breakfast at the gas station we drove up towards Zadar. We stopped on the road when we saw something that might could be a ”beach” without people. And yes, it was. It was a strange place thou, with a rusty tower to jump from out in the water and something that might have been a water-slide. The best thing with this place was that it wasn’t touristy and crowded. Only us for a few hours. And the best surprise was that it was sand on the bottom, not rocks although the ”beach” was sort of rocky. We stayed for several hours, and when we got hungry I booked an apartment in Seline, about 30 – 45 min from Zadar. And here we are now and it’s one hell of a storm outside. Wonder if I can sleep tonight?



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