Day 22 – Montenegro, beautiful and wild?

There’s so much to tell you guys about our trip to Montenegro. As I told you, it seemed complicated to even get in to the country after doing some quick research on a Lidl parking lot. But we checked our green card and it was ok to go to Montenegro, so we took a chance and drove down to all those borders. Border to Bosnia Herzegovina, fine, easy, they didn’t even check the passports. Not to Croatia either (the part where Dubrovnik is) but for Montenegro they wanted all papers, including Green card. They were friendly and quick, and we passed like nothing. Standing in que was the hardest part. Well, you know the rest of the story, when my phone bill went to 62 euros in one minute trying to book a place to stay and get a map downloaded. So that was it. Well we made it although we felt a little bit of a panic going around the Kotor-bay in the dark, not following maps.

Anywho. The next day we started our trip up to the mountains. The nature was something else. A canyon following our road, and green lush mountains. So beautiful and different from Croatias mountains, they are mostly grey and some green or dry bushes.

Our main goal was Biogradska Gora, a national park in Montenegro with amazing nature, some glacier lakes and trails with different lengths and difficulties. We walked around the lake, perfect for us, and I couldn’t resist taking a dip in the lake! Wow, what a feeling, I can’t even describe it. It was like swimming in cold fresh water, from a bottle. It felt so clean. Like I could just open the mouth and drink while I was diving under water.

Getting from Biogradska Gora is another story. We decided to take another route, and not go back through Podgorica and then to the border. Well, we took the wrong way down, that’s for sure. We drove on a road for hours, where we almost didn’t meet any other car. The road was in a poor condition, with stones from the mountain walls all over, potholes, roadkills, no fences or poor fences, and after a while the road became very narrow, only for one car. Thank God we didn’t meet anyone? Well, we made it down. Met som stray dogs, goats, sheep and cows that shouldn’t be walking on a 70 km/h road. And one thing more with these roads, even when we went up to Biogradska Gora, we noticed about 10-15 memorial stones of people who died on the road. Felt creepy.

No fence, and sometimes the stones where covering most of the right side of the road. Who’s driving this way down anyway?!

Finally down after several hours on poor roads up in the mountains. We were awfully late to the border, and had to stand in line for about 3 hours! Then border to Bosnia Herzegovina at 12 pm, and after that border again to Croatia, and THEN, at 2 AM we found a place to stop and sleep. Geez, I was so tired, and I was the one driving in the dark. We had to sing very loud and drive with windows open to not fall asleep.




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