Day 21 – Crossing some serious borders (3!)

Well, today was a day when you could just give up and go home. After having trouble with the AC almost the whole trip, and yesterday the fan totally collapsed, we found a Volvo-retailer in Split. After 2 hours it was safe to say that our last week of the roadtrip is going to be hot, and we will have to drive with the windows open. Instead of going up in the country we went down, crossing borders to Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro, although a friend advised us not to do so because of unexpected costs in the border. We had no problem passing through all three borders. But as we entered Montenegro 4G just stopped working right after I booked a hotel in Podgorica. The map to the hotel was a total mess, with only a blue line to follow and no directions, you couldnt even see coastlines or anything, just a grid. This is where the problems began. Well. After almost having breakdowns we managed to get a new map on the other phone like after 1 or 2 hours in the dark, on roads around a strange enormous bay, not even close to the blue line on maps. We were so lost! Getting the new map to work, with real directions to the hotel 2 hours away, was a blessing. I could almost breath again, except when the road went up in the mountains and became really tricky in the dark. But we made it. And tomorrow will be another adventure for sure. Hopefully not as adventurous and scary as today.



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