Day 20 – Down by the Coast

As we left our fabulous apartment in Barbariga, we wanted to take the way down south by the coast instead of the boring but faster highway. Happy we did it, because it was beautiful! But it took about 6-8 hours to get to Nin, and that’s not far. When we arrived to Nin we just wanted to throw ourselves in the sea. We fell asleep on the beach, exhausted from the heat and the long drive down. At 7 or 8 pm we had a nice dinner on the road to Zadar. I had a grilled tuna with veggies. I really needed that after a day with no food and heat up to 34. After the dinner it went dark, and we took the highway down to Split, or outside Split. At 10 pm we stopped for the night at one of those parking lots outside a 24h gas station with facilities like a cafe and clean restrooms. It was perfect for the night but I couldn’t sleep, it was hot and I slept with the door wide open, and I guess with one eye open as well.



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