Day 18 – Postojna, Predjama Castle, Ljubljana and Barbariga (Croatia)

Slovenia, a hidden gem in Europe indeed! We arrived to Youth Hostel Proteus Postojna at 8-9pm something. When entering Slovenia you have to buy a vignette and so we did at a gas station inside the boarder. Easy. And now we don’t have to stop in tolls.

So we slept in this morning, to 8 am. Had some breakfast at a Lidl parking lot before searching for the Predjama Castle. Not hard to find, they have superb guiding with big signs everywhere. The parking was free and we got to walk really close to the castle without paying for it. Most places take 5 euros just parking. The castle was worth seeing, just from the outside it was impressive!

Going in the wrong direction, to Ljubljana, was not a decision we regretted because Ljubljana might be the tidiest and nicest city we’ve been to on this trip so far!
I found Ljubljana very clean and organized. They had recycling stations on the streets and it looked like they value a clean city. Tourists didn’t over crowded the old town and we had a really good and cheap typical Slovanian meal before we went to Croatia.

Oh entering Croatia. A female police sat there and cleaned her nails, asked for our passports, and then gave them back without even looking in them, and started to do her nails again after giving our passports back.

Our apartment in Croatia is pretty awesome, but I’ll tell you all about my luck about this one later.


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