Day 17 – Venice to Postojna

It was the best feeling to wake up on a beautiful day, walk down to the beach and have a morning swim before driving to mc Donalds for some breakfast. Lido di Spina in the morning, oh so beautiful and calm! What a perfect place to stay one night. I just love road tripping and the freedom that comes with it! I would never have found this place otherwise.

After breakfast at mc Donalds we decided to go to a hotel with a parking lot that was recommended on a ”how-to-park-in-Venice” – page on internet. Of course it was fully booked, so we went to Tronchetto parking, a artificial island connected to Venice. We paid 21 euros for a full day, but somehow it was worth it, because searching for a parking place is not easy in Venice.

Venice, or Venezia, a city I always wanted to visit. It was beautiful of course, but I think I needed more than one day there, to just see it all. We just strolled around without any plan, and got lost all the time, and thought about Amsterdam and how similar they are, but at the same time not. Well. Beautiful. But somehow not how I pictured it. And it was hot, felt like the hottest day on this trip so we just wanted to walk in the shadow all the time.

When we were tired of walking, we had like 4 km to get to the car. I booked a youth hostel in Slovenia before leaving Venice, and then off we went. 2 hours later we entered a new country and bought a vignette for the first time. Hope it works, I don’t want to pay 500 euros in fines.

Postojna and strange youth hostel. Cheap!



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