Day 16 – Firenze and San Marino

Getting in to Firenze and park the car was rather easy. We didn’t even have to pay. When we were about to put money in the ticket-machine a nice guy said that it’s not necessary, you park for free on Sundays. Perfect! So we walked down to the town center, found famous Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. So many tourists, everywhere. We walked around in Firenze a few hours, had some italian ice cream of course before we headed back to our car. Getting out of Firenze was something else. We might have done something stupid to get out, but nobody said anything and we acted like nothing happened.

Next stop was supposed to be Venezia, but arriving to Venice at the evening would be a waste. So we did something completely else. Drove through some crazy mountains, and ended up in a new country, called San Marino. Nice view from the top, about 749 meters above the sea level! San Marino offered a lot of jewelry, weapons and a boring salad with tuna. And the view of course.

We didn’t book anything for the night and just drove off towards Venezia. When it became dark we just got tired and turned off the main road to the right and had luck finding a perfect place to park for the night, close to hotels and a nice beach. This small place called Lido di Spina was a little tourist paradise I think. The worst thing about this night was the heat. Sticky and warm feeling but oh so sleepy. So I slept anyway, for the fourth time this trip, in the car, and nothing happened this time either.



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