Day 15 – Vernazza, Marinella beach and then Pisa

The night was something else. It started to rain heavily, and then thunder all over the mountains. I enjoyed watching it from the car in the front seat waiting for the rain to stop. The second time around, at 1:30, I fell asleep to the lightning over the Mediterranean sea. Next morning I woke up to a clear blue sky, and everything just felt better, I did not feel homesick anymore. We drove off to the next village or town, Vernazza. I got excited wandering down on those streets that I've seen just on pictures. We had some breakfast at a cafe and then went up on some trekking path. I just wanted to take some good pictures of Vernazza so I passed the ticket guard with a smile and he couldn't been any nicer to us, letting us in for free.

We saw all the villages in Cinque Terre from above, drove down the mountains like we've done nothing else this trip. It felt like freedom.

Heading to Pisa, we decided to search for a beach if possible. We stopped just outside La Spezia, and stayed on a crowded beach for 2,5 hours, just enough to feel satisfied. The view from the water was amazing, you could see the mountains behind the beach, just breathtaking. Unfortunately no pictures from that right now.

We arrived to Pisa at 6:30 pm. Not much to see really. Just a bunch of stupid tourists doing the same pose in front of the leaning tower. The tower it self is beautiful and something worth seeing. But that's it.

Tonight I was lucky finding a hotel 40 km from Pisa, cheap, just 36 euros for both and with breakfast included(!!!!) Wifi is good, shower was heavenly and now it's time to sleep.



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