Day 6 – Normandie, Mont Saint Michel, La Rochelle

So this day was a disaster but at the same time we had a blast seeing so many beautiful places. We woke up in Caen at a cheap hotel. Drove to Normandie and Omaha beach and the cemetary. It was strange to be there, see it all. But we didn't want to miss it.

To get to Mont-Saint-Michel we drove through village after village. It was amazing but took alot of iur precious time. We arrives at 12, walked close enough to take some pictures but decided to not enter because that would take 1 or 2 hours. When we got back to the enormous parkinglot we couldn't find the car. And when we did after a half hour, we found that one tire was all flat. N had a nervous breakdown and I calmly told him that we just have to change tire and then go to nearest station or something to get a repair. With that done, our time schedule was totally fucked. Well we drove to La Rochelle and got there as late as 8 pm or something. We walked the town around and noticed there was some kind of festival going on there. Too bad we didn't feel we had the time to join, so we decided to drive as far as we could. At 1 am we stopped somewhere between Bordeaux and San Sebastián. Filled up the tank and slept in our car like a lot of other travelers. First night in the car, and I slept better than expected.

This day we drove 865 km!



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