Day 2 – Copenhagen and Bremen

Day 2 was a rather busy day. Up early for hotel breakfast, and then heading to Copenhagen. The bridge was a nice surprise, and then after that I missed the sign to C, and we had trouble getting back to get in to the city center. Well. We managed to get in there after a while and parked our car and took a walk to Nyhavn. Beautiful with all those colorful houses by the harbour. The weather was not that great and it started to rain when we walked back to the car.

After Copenhagen we went straight to Bremen, with a short stop right after the border to Germany for BK.

Bremen might be a beautiful small town but we came a little late and it felt like boring to me. Our hostel was cheap but clean and I slept good in a bunk bed though feeling lost waking up in the middle of the night.

This day we drove 805 km.



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